BEST desserts IN Baltimore

Locally Sourced × Crafted with Love


Located in Baltimore, Mattie's Catering is a purveyor of fine Southern desserts from the esteemed Chef Mik Williams

Inspired by their saintly grandmother [Mattie Paul Barksdale] and love of traditional desserts, in 2017, a husband and wife duo followed his passion for baking/cooking and established Baltimore's newest option for classic southern food and desserts. From corporate events to Thanksgiving dinners with the family - Mattie’s always adds a great touch to special events and celebrations. At Mattie’s, we source ingredients from some of the finest farmers and purveyors including Premium Meats, King Arthur Flour, Plugra Butter and seasonal fruit and produce.

The key word is seasonal, which means our menus change as often as the seasons allow. So check back often for updates, or if you haven’t tired of social media follow us on Instagram and Twitter [@mattie’s].



(410) 609-6570



P.O. Box 38458
Baltimore, MD 21231



W-Sa 10a–6p